Since the inception, the company strives to manufacture the converter slag stopping devices with top level quality. Our main types of BOF converter products include slag dart and slag dart dispatching machine. The slag dart is produced with the specification covering Φ230, Φ240, Φ250, Φ260, Φ270, Φ280, Φ295 and Φ300. The slag dart dispatching machine has the YTD-I type, YTD-II type and YTD-III type.

We value the satisfaction and benefit of customers. The maximization of customer’s benefit is our perpetual goal. We have established a sound after-sale service system. Each field concerned has the special technician to track, guide and maintain for making our customers feel reassured. Additionally, we organize the slag stopping technology communication among the steel enterprises as well as issue the latest concept and matured technology on China Metallurgical News.

Our functional team can solve customers' any problem before, during and after the sales. We are comfortable to provide you the foremost service and unrivaled product.

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