Environmental Protection

Optimized Design and Energy Saving Environmental Protection
For responding to the energy saving emission reduction policy, YunTian follows the guidelines of high level planning, high standard design, high quality construction and high efficient service strictly in the production process. By adhering to the low carbon concept, we optimize the design and implement technology innovation continuously in the capital construction process to make the project station join the rank of energy saving and environmental protection.

We try to save the electrical energy as much as possible. We exploit appropriate equipment to support the use of equipment with small power by no use high power equipment. The environmental temperature of the plant is controlled through the height and direction selection of the factory building. The power supply for the non-productive equipment such as office equipment and heating device takes usage of solar energy. We also don’t apply the material needing high energy consumption to our product.

The conservation concept runs through all aspects of the production to control the unit production energy consumption. We purchase new technological production equipment continuously for increasing productivity. Meanwhile, we save the paper and reduce the use of paper, thus diminishing the dependence to the high energy consumption products.

Deepening Management and Focusing on Energy Saving Environmental Protection Details
Based on practical operation and production, we implement the energy saving and environmental protection finely by starting from the management details, adhering to dual effect of system and action as well as broadening income sources and reducing expenditure.

The company sets up a leading group for energy saving and environmental protection as well as constitutes the relevant systems such as Energy Management System, Provisions on the Administration of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects, etc. With those systems available, the energy saving environmental protection work has rules to follow and is managed standardly.

The energy saving environmental protection concept is implemented throughout whole production process and all the departments. The chief accountant leads the related personnel to conduct the filed research for the 12 production departments. In line of the practical conditions, the direct material consumption index system is built. The consumption indexes are refined and quantified further. During the production process, we introduce the detailed index competition form to strengthen the staff operation behavior, thus developing the energy saving work more thoroughly and effectively.

The company improves the internal management responsibility system to make each index in the controllable range. In terms of economical production and thrifty office, we aim to decrease cost and increase efficiency. Around the increment of office efficiency, we strengthen the process control and raise the office management level by following the working requirements of eradicating waste, ensuring the necessary and lowering the aggregate demand. In addition, we formulate the clear requirements to paper use for office, office equipment use and maintenance, vehicle management, etc. The long term energy saving mechanism is formed to save all the electricity, paper, oil and water that we can.

Strengthening the Concept and Building Energy Saving Environmental Protection Atmosphere
We make environmental protection concept propaganda and green life promotion as a part of our enterprise culture construction. Through cultivating the consciousness of everybody is responsible for protecting environment, we become the propagandist, practitioner and communicator for promoting the civilized behavior actively, creating good environmental protection atmosphere.

The company carries out various theme campaigns in diversified forms actively by taking every opportunity. Through issuing the leaflets, we tell people the common sense and tips for energy saving and environmental protection to propagate clean production, energy saving emission reduction and green consumption. We give full play to the activeness of the employees. Based on the working post and around the practical enterprise operation, the employees propose many reasonable suggestions for saving energy, reducing waste and enhancing the utilization efficiency.

Moreover, YunTian makes building good image as the important link of creating first class enterprise. We increase the factory environment governance intensity in the aspects of environment beautifying, greening and brightening. The factory is split into several areas of responsibility. The inspection and check are conducted regularly. We use our practical action to guard the environment and boost the civilized behavior.

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