On October 10, 2012, we signed a new contract with the Tianjin Tianfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and we were responsible for providing the company with complete slag control solutions. We made an agreement on slag dart dispatching machine, slag dart, dispatching operator, and other matters concerned. The contract laid the foundation for mutual cooperation and also brought the developing opportunity for us.

We fulfill the obligation on the contract with credibility and conscientious attitude. The new cooperation can bring us the new development. Every new partner makes our support much stronger.

On January 26, 2012, we made a product supply contract with the India Jindal Southwest (JSW) Steel Company. The product list contains 2 sets of slag dart dispatching machine and 9590 sets of slag dart accumulatively. It is said by the technical personnel of the India Company that the slag stopping efficient rate is merely below 80% before using our products. After the application of our products and technical training for the operators, the slag stopping efficient rate reaches the desired level. Our cooperative partner evaluates our product with rather high slag stopping efficient rate in the market.

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