Liuzhou Iron and Steel Company (Using Slag Dart Dispatching Machine and Slag Stopper)

In December 2006, we supplied the slag dart dispatching machine and slag dart with different specifications for totally three metallurgical plants of the Liuzhou Iron and Steel Company. It is shown by the statistical results that the slag stopping effective rate is 97%.

Product List
UnitProduct Name The First Metallurgical Plant The Second Metallurgical Plant The Third Metallurgical Plant
Slag Dart Dispatching Machine 2 sets with the model of YTD-I 3 sets with the model of YTD-II 5 sets with the model of YTD-III
Slag Dart Φ240mm for 40t converter Φ250mm for 120t converter Φ270mm for 150t converter

Before applying our BOF converter products, the metallurgical plants employ the slag stopping ball for slag stopping with the effective rate of only 80% or so. By contrasting the statistical results, the enhancement of the slag stopping rate from 80% to 97% improves the purity of the molten steel largely, saving large amount alloy for the subsequent refining. Our product is evaluated as the recommended and preferable slag stopping device.

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