On March 9, 2000, approved by the Maanshan Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Maanshan YunTian Furnace Material Co., Ltd. was registered officially with the registered capital of 3.8 million CNY. It was funded by Maanshan civil enterprise company and Wang Kai, aiming to solve the employment of disabled persons. The refractory materials that the company produced were mainly supplied to the first ad third steel plants of Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. Due to the poor sales situation, the civil enterprise company withdrew the capital after one year’s operation. Then, the company was financially supported by Wang Kai and other four persons to go on the production and business operation.

At the beginning of the operation, Wang Kai had already keenly realized that the converter tapping slag stopping was the primary problem needing to be overcome immediately. Through 3 years’ exploration and practice, the working team developed the slag control products covering slag dart and the supporting device of slag dart dispatching machine in 2003 successfully. In May of the same year, the slag stopping products were applied on trial in Hunan Xiangtan Second Steelworks on the 120t converter and in the Second Steelmaking Plant of Benxi Iron and Steel Group on the 180t converter. The slag stopping effect was noticeable. Our products obtained success and approval.

After that, the Xiangtan Steel Company put the slag dart into service officially on the 3 sets of 800t converte and replaced the originally used suspension type slag stopping machine made by a factory in Wuhan. The 3 sets of 150t and 3 sets of 180t converter of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group took usage of our products successively by letting the VAI pneumatic slag dart dispatching machine out of service thoroughly.

By reason of the marked effect and low cost of slag stopping as well as the guaranteed after-sales service, several steel enterprises came to our factory for business negotiation. Just in two years, we had already signed the product supply contracts with 16 steel enterprises. Prior to now, we have offered our products for over 100 steel enterprises involving Benxi Steel, Anshan Steel, Tangshan Steel, Maanshan Steel, Liuzhou Iron and Steel, Baosteel, etc. and made the exportation business spread all over the foreign markets concerning Vietnam, India, Brazil, Turkey, and more. Our products are praised highly by the customers from home and abroad.

The company wins the concern, support and trust from the social community in the growth road. Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, we obtained the title of Important Taxpayer conferred by Maanshan government in 2005. In the same year, the registered capital was increased to 10.5 million CNY. In 2010, we were awarded the Labor Security Integrity Unit by Maanshan Labor and Social Security Bureau. For the outstanding performance of continuous innovation, we were identified as the Private Technological Enterprise in Anhui Province by the Maanshan Science and Technology Commission in 2011. In the same year, we gained the Important Taxpayer title again which is granted by the government of Yushan District.

In 2009, we were approved of the YunTian trademark registration. Meanwhile, we owned two patents for utility models. In face of increasingly severe market competition and challenge, the company paid more attention to scientific research. On August 15, 2012, it officially changed its name to Anhui YunTian Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. We now apply ourselves to the longitudinal research of converter slag stopping, striving for creating more value for the global customers.

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