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Slag Darts (for 30-150 Ton BOF Converters)

Our slag dart is the new environment protective magnesian type without surfur and phosphorus. It is pollution free. We supply two kinds of slag darts to suit the demand of BOF converters with different processing capacity. Our slag dart heads are shaped into a circular cone with three steel flowing grooves on its outside. By using the shaped refractory, the slag stopping efficiency can be enhanced to no less than 90% . The slag layer thickness is no greater than 50mm. The generated steel slag for each ton of steel is about 3 to 5kg.

The slag dart has an obvious effect on increasing steel yield and purity as well as improving the quality and mechanical performance of the steel. Meanwhile, it can enhance the converter steelmaking production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and abate the environment pollution. The operation is simple, safe and reliable. This slag arresting dart can decrease the temperature loss of the molten steel and increase safety of steelmaking operation.

Product Model
Model I Type II Type
Applicable Converter 30-60t 70-150t
Physical and Chemical Indicators
Item Index Value
MgO ≥70%
 Volume Density ≥4.0-4.2g /cm³
 Ambient Compressive Strength 80 Mpa
Refractoriness ≥1790 °C

Comparison Between Slag Darts and Slag Stopper Balls
During basic oxygen steelmaking process, a large amount of steel slag in molten state would come out in the furnace. The traditional slag stopping process is mostly the way of putting slag stopper ball to achieve slag control. As a result of the drifting way that the slag stopping ball gets to the steel tapping hole together with large viscosity of steel slag, the circumstances happen that the slag stopper ball cannot get to the steel tapping hole or that it cannot block the steel tapping hole effectively when the molten steel is about to run off. Generally, the efficiency of the slag stopper ball is less than 75%.

The slag dart includes a head and a tail, and the tail serves as the guide bar which allows the slag dart to be conveniently inserted into the taphole. This is why slag darts offer higher slag control efficiency than slag stopper balls.

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